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Basics Of Trading Clicks (Banking Clicks)

How To Find Click Banking Partners

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How To Deal With A Click Banking Debt

How To SEND Clicks To Click Banking Partners

Please note: In the video above I mention to trade 80% Tier-1. 

The reason for that is because when you are just starting-out, you will have an easier time by doing it that way. It will allow you to send more ‘spillover’ T1 clicks to other (Partners, or affiliate offers or even traffic clients if you are into that)

With that said, experienced marketers will ask you to trade 90% Tier-1. When it happens, accept.

** The only times you should be trading 80% Tier-1, is with other beginners. (People with a small list)

How To RECEIVE Clicks From Click Banking Partners

 The SAFEST Way To Trade Traffic As A Beginner 

 How To FEED Your Lead Capturing Page With Solo Ads 

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How To Make Testimonials For Click Banking Partners

BONUS #1: How Spillover Traffic Works

BONUS #2: 4 Different Ways To Work With Rotators

P.S. Although I spoke of affiliate offers in this video, CPA offers work better when you  are trading clicks… If you can get approved by CPA networks, more power to you!

BONUS #3: How To Build A 2nd Autoresponder From Your Spillover Traffic…

P.S. You can do this when you have constant traffic flow of 500+ daily clicks going to your rotator… not before…

P.S. To go even faster and not waste clicks on building a 2nd autoresponder within your rotator, you can be using this ULTIMATE HACK!


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This can be easily explained: It’s very hard for a beginner to ‘connect the dots’ and build a productive business that converts, by purchasing training after training. 

You end-up with a little bit of knowledge, but nothing that is actionable!

At the end of the day, it’s all about: Proper set-up, buyer leads and conversions, you know it…

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